European and Dresden Research

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The city of Dresden and surroundings are home to a huge lot of R&D-driven large and small companies and very many institutes from the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Societies and the Helmholtz and Leibnitz associations. 

No other city in the world is home to more Fraunhofer institutes. Almost every second European microchip is made in Dresden, a European super heavy weight in all kinds of biomedical and nano physics and material sciences. Scientific conferences in Dresden frequently appeal to an intercontinental audience and various scientific communities.

Dresden Concept bundles the research activities of the Technical University - TU Dresden - and advanced non-university institutes which play a major role in Germany's research activities.  The concept of the synergetic university of TU Dresden is building bridges with some European Excellence aspirations. 

Dresden is the core center of Silicon Saxony, Europe's biggest cluster region in the electronic semiconductor industries.