Dresden city hotels

The number of castles in the Dresden area is breath-taking.

This site will introduce to some recommended Dresden city hotels like Kempinski Taschenbergpalais, Bilderberg Bellevue, Gewandhaus Dresden, Hotel Suitess, Bülow Palais or Villa Freisleben, Villa Anna, Hotel Andreas and a growing number of others like the Maritim hotel, Eckberg castle and the conference hotel Elbflorenz. 

As a major and unique German and European tourist destination Dresden is truly rich of city hotels in all price segments. The occupancy rates are relatively even over the seasons of the year. As the city is large by area the prices are relatively moderate compared to similar hotels in some other European regions.

Please keep in mind that Dresden on the Elbe river landscapes is not a stop between Prague and Berlin but a rich destination of its own and still close to Berlin, Leipzig and Prague.